Blu-Drill Auto-Feed

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The Auto-Feed System for Blu-Drill core drills pays for itself quickly with the time savings it delivers.

• Operate more than one core drill at a time
• Drill multiple holes in a fraction of the time
• Achieve better bit life through more consistent in-feed pressure
• Avoid wasting time dealing with thrown circuit breakers - Auto-Feed senses the amps being pulled and adjusts speed and amps to prevent thrown breakers
• 9 new amp meter settings

Includes FREE Regular Ground Shipping.  All Blu-Drill Auto-Feeds feature a 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty!

Adapts to Blu-Drill Core Drill models - TS-252, TS-353, TS-402, TS-403, TS-503, and TS-603.  Options are available for adapting to other Blu-Drill models.  Call us at 1-866-268-2600 for details.

Drill with Confidence

The Auto-Feed system has innovative features to ensure the job goes right. A sensor automatically shuts off the core drill when: • The bit starts free-wheeling • The bit reaches its pre-determined drilling depth. • The bit gets stuck.

Gain Control The Auto-Feed system gives you unsurpassed control of: • Forward and reverse • Infeed pressure • Cutting depth


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