Blu-Drill Auto-Feed

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The Auto-Feed system for Shibuya core drills pays for itself quickly with the time savings it delivers.  Allows one operator to operate more than one core drill at a time.  Drill multiple holes in a fraction of the time.  Achieve better bit life through more consistent in-feed pressure.  Avoid wasting time dealing with thrown circuit breakers.  Auto Feed senses the amps being pulled and adjusts speed and amps to prevent thrown breakers.  Adapts to all models Shibuya Drills*

■ Multiple forward speeds
■ Amperage setting range 4-30 Amps
■ Drill multiple holes in a fraction of the time
■ Time Saver eliminates dealing with blown circuit breakers
■ Adjustable amperage range
■ Extends bit life through more consistent in-feed pressure
■ Extends the life of your drill
■ Monitors drill motor load, and adjust down pressure accordingly
■ Re-bar detection shut off function 1”-4” Bits**
■ Compatible with old and new model drills
■ Mountable on both right and left side of the drills
■ Automatically shuts off when the bit starts free-wheeling
■ Drilling depth stop accessory sold separately
■ Includes 1 adapter plate for TS-405 and larger drills*

Includes FREE Regular Ground Shipping.  All Blu-Drill Auto-Feeds feature a 2 year limited manufacturer's warranty!

Core drill rigs are sold separately.  Call us at 1-866-268-2600 for details.



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