C-32 Crown Diamond Core Bit by Diteq

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Preferred by the professionals for small hole drilling! The C-32 features some of the highest diamond concentrations in all of Diteq Diamond Core Bits and slices through the toughest applications with blazing speed and remarkable life. Cut through the heaviest steel reinforcing without glazing over or dulling. 

Use wet only. Sizes 3/8" - 1 7/8".

Core Travel: 14"

C-32's 1 1/2" and smaller are threaded for a 5/8"-11 spindle.  C-32's 1 5/8" and larger are threaded for a 1 1/4"-7.  The 1 7/8" C-32 is segmented.  All other C-32's are crowned bits.

Larger size bits are available.  Check out ouC51 Diamond Core Bits.

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