Husqvarna DMS 280 LS Core Drill

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$3,485.00 - $4,480.00
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This unit features a tilt stand with an anchor base. Available options include a anchor base with vacuum plate and/or an anchor base with vacuum plate and vacuum pump. The DMS 280 comes standard with a 20 Amp three speed motor that is equipped with a slip clutch. The three speed motor has 310/690/1190 rpms. 

The DMS 280 handles heavy-duty applications such as water evacuation, channels for ventilation and plumbing, waste evacuation pipes, gas supply pipes, barriers, road signs and holes in corners for wall sawing openings.

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The motor has an LED indicator that shows the load of the machine and makes it possible for the operator to drill at maximum pressure for best performance. The two-speed carriage gearbox features a cranking speed option for best drilling performance. Maximum 14" bit capacity. V-groove roller carriage for accurate alignment that requires minimal adjustment. Back support for optimized stability. Quick disconnect, wheels, and DM 280 drill motor come standard.

86 lbs.

This drill does not come with a bit. Need a bit? Bits for this drill can be found under Diamond Core Bits. Need a stand? The stand for this drill is listed under Core Drill Accessories.

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