Husqvarna DS 800 Low Speed Core Drill

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The Husqvarna DS 800 features a fixed stand, a combination anchor/vacuum base and a vacuum pump. It has a DM 280 low speed (310/690/1190) motor. 1" to 14" bit capacity is standard.  The DS 800 is perfect for a variety of applications including water/waste evacuation pipes, openings for ventilation and plumbing, gas supply pipes, barriers, and road signs.  

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Features include:

  • The 42" long, precision ground and plated 2 7/8" square column reduces flex for more accurate drilling. 
  • Reinforced base for added rigidity. 
  • Jack screw is standard and provides stability for ceiling bracing. 
  • Precision rack and pinion gear system. 
  • Adjustable and replaceable bronze shims inside carriage provide less flex and promote precise head alignment. 
  • Four-spoke feed handle is easy to use and operates smoothly.
  • Water-cooled 3 speed gearbox for optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals. 
  • The LED indicator shows the load of the machine, allowing the operator to drill at the perfect pressure, assuring the best perfomance.
  • Elgard significantly increases time between service cycles.  If the motor runs at too high of a load for too long, it will start to pulsate.  If the load is not reduced then the motor will shut off to prevent overheating. 
  • Softstart slowly increases motor RPMs when starting, which reduces wear on the motor and brushes.
  • Water hose can be turned 180 degrees to improve hose management when drilling in tight spaces.

115 volt, 1-Phase, 20 amp

122 lbs

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