Lackmond Demolition Blade

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Lackmond's "911" is a unique, multi-purpose blade. Designed to cut through various roofing materials including stone, gravel, tar, fiber-glass, metal sheeting, and resin fiber. The "911" is ideal in emergency fire and rescue operations, as well as demolition projects.

Sizes 4" up to 16". Can be used wet or dry.

Designed to cut dry, the "911" cuts extremely quick through a burning roof, or in less demanding circumstances, it effectively cuts holes for skylights. The "911" is manufactured with jagged carbide segments that chop and rip through materials quickly and efficiently. Segments are attached to a stable, quiet core that can travel at speeds up to 6500 rpm. The "911" is a lifesaving product in emergency situations, and a timesaver in regular use.

Not for use on wood or wood composite materials.

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