Lackmond STS-5 Multi-Application Diamond Blade

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The STS-5 is a hybrid of traditional segmented and turbo diamond blades, offering the best of both worlds! This blade is a true general purpose diamond blade! Cutting applications include: Cured Concrete, Green Concrete, Asphalt, Block, Stone, Granite, Piling, Overlay, Brick & Block combination and more. 

Suitable for use on Hand Saws, Hand Held High Speed Saws, Low Horsepower Walk-Behind and Masonry Saws. Sizes 12" up to 24". 

Can be used wet or dry.

Castellated Segmented Turbo Rim for both Aggressive & Precise Cuts. .575" fully impregnated raker undercut protection segments to prevent knife edging in abrasive materials. .350" usable Diamond Depth for greater longevity. Special designed Air-Cooling Core for heat dissipation. Slanted Steel core design for maximum cutting speed. Pre and post tensioned steel core to eliminate loss of tension and to keep blade running straight and true.


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