Husqvarna K970 Concrete Chain Saw & 14" Bar

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The Husqvarna K970 Concrete Chain Saw is perfect for small and irregularly shaped openings. It is an excellent complement to a wall saw, as it helps to avoid overcutting at the corners. The K970 Chain Saw is great for cutting small holes and adjusting window and door openings. Other uses include: Stone, Monument work, Pile cutting, Pipeline cutting, and Demolition work.

Includes 14" bar, FREE Ground Shipping and a wet kit.

Features: Make up to 15" deep cuts from one side, Active Air Filtration, centrifugal air cleaning in three stages, for extended product life and longer service intervals. Engine with X-Torq produces more power, higher torque and 70% fewer emissions. SmartCarb, built-in automatic filter compensation, maintains high power and lowers fuel consumption. DuraStarter, the dust-sealed starter, and the durable starter cord reduce the risk of downtime and increase reliability and service life.

This saw does not come with a chain. Need a chain? Chains for this saw can be found under Diamond Saw Blades.

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