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Whether you are a Do-It-Yourselfer or a Contractor, Tools Direct USA has the tools to get the job done right. Our manufacturers produce concrete cutting saws, diamond blades and diamond core drill bits that are especially designed to tackle cutting cured concrete, green concrete, brick & block, stone, pavers, tile, and asphalt.


Diteq Diamond Tools & Equipment

Diteq is a complete source for high quality diamond blades and core drill bits, vacuums, surface prep equipment, and stone fabrication tools. Diteq has some of the world's most innovative metallurgical engineering with their ARIX technology.  ARIX technology allows for precise diamond arrangement and alignment on each blade/bit, set to control wear and make the blade/bit cut faster. In some situations, this technology can increase the cutting speed by 50% while doubling a normal blades life (of course, how and where you use an ARIX blade will affect the outcome). Diteq is the only company that employs full ARIX technology. ARIX -- the technology that changes everything.


Diamond Products (including Core Bore and Core Cut)

Diamond Products is one of the largest manufacturers of diamond tools in the United States. They are based just outside of Cleveland, Ohio. In 1964 Diamond Products began focusing on diamond core bits and drilling machines for the construction industry. Since then, they company has expanded its product lines to include diamond blades, grinding tools, concrete saws and drill rigs for the construction and stone industries.


Husqvarna Construction Products (including Target, Partner, and Felker)
Founded in 1689 in Sweden, Husqvarna has a very extensive product range with everything from professional machines to products for demanding consumers. When the company started, they produced what were probably the finest muskets of the day. And it was then that they lay the foundation for the engineering expertise that has since helped develop some of the world's best products. Husqvarna Construction Products, part of Husqvarna AB, is a world leader in machinery and diamond tools for construction. The construction product range includes power cutters, floor saws, tile and masonry saws, wall and wire saws, core drilling machines and diamond tools for these and other applications. All Husqvarna products are supported with parts and service in Kansas City.


Hycon Products

HYCON was founded on November 1, 2002. Their mission is to be the leading supplier of handheld hydraulic tools for the demolition and construction industry. What makes HYCON very special is a dedicated team focused on high standards. High quality manufacturing in Denmark is your guarantee for high durability tools that will help your business day after day. HYCON is sold in more than 60 countries world wide and there are 25,000 tools in operation world wide. All Hycon products are supported with parts and service in Kansas City. 


Lackmond Products

Lackmond Products is your trusted partner for all your cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling needs. A family owned company for decades, they know how to solve problems by finding solutions. Excellent products and always consistent quality. 


Shibuya Company

Since 1969, Shibuya has accumulated the know-how of cutting concrete, steel rebar, stones and other building materials. Manufacturing core drilling equipment is more than a way of life at Shibuya.  They have a passion for quality. Quality can make a clients' job safer, easier, faster and better. Shibuya Diamond Core Drilling Machines and Diamond Tools are now used in more than 30 countries. All Shibuya products are supported with parts and service in Kansas City.


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