Hycon 16" Ring Saw Blades by Diteq

$460.00 - $630.00
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The ARIX Ring Saw Blades are made specifically for the Hycon Hydraulic Ring Saw. They feature a 3 groove drive channel for outstanding performance and dependability. Advanced multi-layered diamond segments with precise distribution of diamond particles throughout the segments enables these blades to have superior cutting capacity, longer life and a smooth, rapid cutting.

C-50AXBR - Cuts reinforced concrete with soft to medium aggregates.

C-50AX - Cuts reinforced concrete with medium to hard aggregates. 

C-50AX BRN Notched - Cuts reinforced concrete with hard aggregates. Notches in the segments makes this a very fast cutting blade.  

Vacuum Brazed - Cuts critically hard concrete but will not last long.  Great for ductile iron.

All ringsaw blades include a drive wheel that should be changed with each new blade.

Size - 16".  Use wet only.

Fits Hycon, Partner & and other 16" Ring Saws

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