Hycon Hydraulic HH23 Allround Breaker

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The Hycon Hydraulic HH23 Allround Breaker is designed for tough jobs in strong concrete, asphalt, ramming, etc.  The HH23 comes standard with the Hycon Proline vibration-reduced handle, which efficiently ensures better operator comfort.  The HH23 is used by contractors, asphalt companies, municipalities, and rental companies.

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  • Weight Class - 40
  • Tool size - Hex 1" x 4-1/4"
  • Oil flow - 8 gpm
  • Max pressure, psi - 2300, Working pressure, psi - 1750
  • Blow frequency, bpm - 1380
  • 53 lbs

Working underwater is a tough environment and it requires special tools.  We know divers work under very difficult conditions and they need extra help to get the job done.  Hycon has designed a line of tools specifically suited for underwater use.  Hydraulic tools are ideal because they are a closed system and offer a very high level of performance.  Add to the high quality and compact user-friendly tools and you have the perfect solution for underwater.  With Hycon, divers get the job done!

One year warranty!

This breaker does not come with a chisel.  Chisels for this breaker can be found under Hydraulics - Hydraulic Blades & Chisels.

This tool does not come with a powerpack or hydraulic hoses.  They can be found here: Hycon Powerpacks Hycon Hydraulic Hoses - Hydraulic Oil Flow Divider


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