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"Thanks to customer service for catching a small mistake that I made in ordering. They were paying attention and figured it out, saved me a return hassle. They were focused on customer service and I'd like to recognize them for that. Thanks again" - Glenn 

"All Representatives were well trained in the leasing process. Each presented an attitude of the customer is "king" and made sure I understood what each step entailed and the actions I needed to take to complete the process. This equipment will make one task in my work go 50% faster. I will always go to this supplier first." - John 

"Just wanted to say thank you. In a day when everything is done via emails and electronic communication, it is so pleasant to have someone actually reach out and call you regarding a question about a product. Wow when I got off the phone (no, not computer, phone!) I knew more about my needs than I ever imagined. Customer Service provided me invaluable information and did so freely, whether I was going to purchase anything or not. They made specific recommendations and options. I now feel very confident that a job I was proposing and uncertain of the outcome will be a true success. Thanks again." - Tony  

"Love the price and the help is great." - Keith 

 "Customer Service at ToolsDirectUSA went out of their way to call me to point out the parts I ordered would not fit together. We changed the order and the parts were shipped same day. Thank You" - Roger  

"I just placed my second order with you today for concrete saw blades. The Diteq C-43 Arix design. Just wanted to thank you for the professionalism and knowledge you have of your products. I told you what I needed from a saw blade for cutting hard concrete in Louisiana and you sold me exactly what I needed. I will make sure I do exclusive business with you for all the blades we buy. Thanks a lot." - Ben 
"Just wanted to say THANKS for the prompt reply and for COMPLETELY answering my question. As someone who uses the internet several times a week to ask questions, there are only a few times a year that I get a reply within 24 hours WITH answers to my questions. Even if the answer is "we can't do it" at least they should answer. NICE to deal with a pro." - Richard
"I am a garden club member from PA, looking to drill 1/4 inch holes through china cups and saucers for a project to create garden whimsy. Customer Service was amazingly helpful, checking with an engineer to get the answers I was seeking, then calling me back promptly. I am thrilled by the assistance, and looking forward to a successfully completed project. Thanks very much." - Arlene


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