A Tools Direct Premium Red Diamond Core Bit

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The Tools Direct Premium Red Diamond Core Bit has been in the marketplace for over 10 years, and it works great!  It is ideal for drilling in concrete and reinforced concrete. Excellent for medium steel and rebar. More diamonds at a higher quality giving you longer lasting bits that cut faster, reducing your cost per hole. 

Cap-To-Tube System - unique top threaded bits that have virtually eliminated lateral runout at the drilling face of the diamond core bit, allowing the bit to spin more precisely without a loping effect that commonly occurs due to an uneven cap to tube weld giving quicker drilling while also decreasing segment side wear and drag.

Use wet only.  Sizes 1" to 14".

Core Travel: 14"

Premium Red bits below 1 3/4" are equipped with 5/8"-11 threads. Bits 1 3/4" and above are equipped with 1 1/4"-7 threads.


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