Core Cut C16 Electric Hand Held Saw

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The Diamond Products C16 is an electric hand held saw that can be used for both wet or dry cutting. The C16 has a 16" blade capacity with a cutting depth of 6" and a 1" arbor. The motor is a 25A/120V, 4.0 hp, with a 3900 max RPM.


  • Overload protection with load warning LED light-visible to operator will indicate when the operator is working the machine too aggressively
  • Detachable guide rollers
  • Spring-loaded splash guard to protect from water spray
  • Handles designed for optimal control
  • Tool-free blade guard angle adjustment
  • Lightweight magnesium blade guard
  • Externally accessible motor brushes
  • Standard water feed system with fine adjustable flow and quick release coupling and durable hose

Blades sold separately!

The C16 saw has a 30 Amp 3 prong twist-lock.  This saw requires a 10 gauge extension cord that is 100' or shorter.


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