Core Cut CC500MXL-II Masonry Saw

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Diamond Product's CC500MXL2 Masonry Saw is made for cutting brick, block, or pavers. The CC500MXL2 is available with either a Baldor electric motor or a Honda gas engine. The 14" blade capacity will cut to a depth of 5". The open throat design allows for cutting of materials up to 12" in length on the conveyor cart.

For ease of transport, the saw head is easy to remove - just pull two locking pins and lift off the head. The cutting depth adjustment is on the side of the frame, so you don't have to reach around or go behind the saw. The stay-level blade guard provides the operator with safety and convenience while sawing. The pivot mechanism resists slurry build-up, which could affect pivoting performance. The blade shaft and bearings are enclosed in a slurry and dust free compartment to ensure long bearing life. The blade shaft cover plate allows easy access for greasing bearings. The flange block bearings make bearing replacement easy without the need for a hydraulic press or other special tools.

Includes FREE Shipping, Electric Water Pump, and Pole Legs.

One year limited warranty.

This saw does not come with a blade. Need a blade? Blades for this saw can be found under Diamond Saw Blades.

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