Husqvarna DM 230 Handheld Core Drill

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The DM230 handheld core drill motor is ideal for drilling into reinforced concrete, bricks and other building materials. Drills holes for ventilation, plumbing pipes, joints, electrical sockets and telecom cables. The three speed (500/1400/2900) motor features an electronic slip clutch to protect both the motor and the operator. The bit capacity when hand held is 4", and when fix mounted the bit capacity is 6".

Includes FREE shipping and adapters for both 5/8"-11 and 1 1/4"-7 size threads.

Can be used wet or dry.

Features: Softstart electronic current limiter ensures a soft start and less load on the electrical system and Smartstart reduces the rpms by 50% when starting a new hole. Three-speed water cooled gearbox for optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals.

Need a stand? The stand for this drill is listed under Core Drill Accessories.

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