Husqvarna PG 280

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This is a great floor grinder for surface perparation and grinding of adhesive residue, paint and spackle on medium-sized concrete areas. Efficient grinding is achieved due to high rpm levels and the wide range of grinding discs that are available.

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Features: ergonomically designed handlebar makes this unit easy and convenient to use, the single grinding plate has multiple diamond tool distribution positions, the 2 hp motor utilizes 1 phase 115 voltage power (the 3 hp motor utilizes 1 phase 220-240 voltage power), grinding width of 11 inches, total grinding pressure of 55 lbs, and a one year manufacturer's warranty.

Options include: Redi Lock Diamond Disc Holder to hold the diamond segments in place, Rubber Damper to keep vibrations down, Rubber Skirt to protect walls and trim boards, and Resin Pad Adapter to attach polishing pads.

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