C-42AX G3 Dry/Wet Reinforced Concrete Diamond Core Bit by Diteq

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The C-42AX G3 ARIX Dry/Wet Cut Diamond Core Bit is ideal for use on hard concrete, cinder block, concrete block, and brick with rebar. The turbo segments on this bit make it an extremly fast drilling core bit.  The C-42AX works well on Quazite and natural stone products including granite and marble. Unlike the majority of all dry bits, the C-42AX G3 is laser welded. Laser welding not only gives the bit the ability to cut through reinforced concrete, but it also prevents segment loss.  Turbo style segments offer superior drilling speed.

Core travel is 14", thread size is 1 1/4"-7.  This bit is meant for use on a core rig, but can be used on a hand held with the correct adapter.

Use wet or dry.

The C-42AX G3 uses the newest generation of ARIX technology to give you maximum productivity with the lowest possible cost per inch/foot cut. The aggressive segment design grips surface to prevent slippage providing for faster hole starting.  The solid smooth barrel makes it perfect for use with water.

Dry Core Bits can be used with hammer drills provided you have: 1) the correct adapter and 2) a setting on your drill for spin only (the hammer action will blow the diamonds right off the bit, making it useless). 



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