C-41AX G3 Short Dry/Wet Reinforced Concrete Diamond Core Bit by Diteq

D30501 A
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New C-41AX G3 Arix Short Bits!  When the job requires wet or dry drilling, you need the ARIX technology advantage to achieve faster cutting and longer life. Aggressive segment design grips surface to prevent slippage for faster hole starting. ARIX™ technology gives you maximum productivity with the lowest possible cost per inch /foot cut. Diamonds are individually placed in strategic positions to maximize cutting performance. Laser welding not only gives the bit the ability to cut through reinforced concrete, but it also prevents segment loss. Works equally well in cinder block, concrete block, and brick. Turbo style segments to offer superior drilling speed.

Features - 

  • .315" Segment Height
  • Saw Tooth Turbo ARIX Segments
  • Laser Welded Segments

Core travel is 9", thread size is 1 1/4"-7. 

Use wet or dry.

Dry Core Bits can be used with hammer drills provided you have: 1) the correct adapter and 2) a setting on your drill for spin only (the hammer action will blow the diamonds right off the bit, making it useless). 

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