C-50AXP BRUTE Diamond Core Bit by Diteq

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The BRUTE squad is here!  The all new C-50AXP BRUTE Diamond Core Bits use the advanced ARIX Generation 3 technology.  G3 provides 3D diamond distribution and radical new bond formulas that give faster cutting speed and longer bit life.  The precise diamond arrangement throughout each segment creates unequeled performance. 

These bits are specially formulated for hard aggregate and heavy steel.  The serrated segments are 1/2" tall.

Use wet only.  Sizes 2" to 14".  Sizes 2"-6" are laser welded. 

Core Travel: 14".  Custom lengths are available, call us at 1-866-268-2600!

All C-50AXP's are threaded for a 1 1/4"-7

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