Core Bore Premium Black P38Z Diamond Core Bit

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With a very high diamond concentration, the Core Bore Premium Black P38Z gives great drilling speed in all types of wet drilling applications. The need for speed!  The P38Z's drill faster than the POL's but don't last quite as long.  The diamonds used in these bits are of the highest quality giving the bit faster cutting in concrete with high steel applications.

Use wet only.

Core Travel: 13" for bits up to 14" in diameter, 16" = 19", 18" = 21", and larger than 18" = 23" in core travel length.

Bits 1/2" to 1 1/2" in diameter are threaded for a 5/8" - 11 adapter. Bits 1 5/8" and larger are threaded for a 1 1/4" - 7 adapter.

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