Hycon 4" Hydraulic Submersible Trash/Water Pump

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Finally, a submersible pump that can run dry without damage! Hycon Hydraulic Submersible Pumps: High quality and performance. The Hycon submersible pump is a VORTEX pump. VORTEX pumps are designed especially for dirty water with solids. 

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With other types of pumps, the water is pumped directly by the impeller, which is therefore worn much faster. A Hycon VORTEX pump works much differently. The impeller at top creates a revolving mass of water which forms a vortex. At the center is a cone of air. The water and it's solids are forced away from the impeller. Because there is very little contact between the water and the impeller, wear is greatly reduced as compared to other types of pumps.  If it can flow to the pump then the pump can lift it out!

This unit is available with or without a 30' discharge hose ("with hose" option includes both camlock fittings, "without hose" option includes only the camlock male hose fitting).  This hose is a European Blue Hose.  The European Blue Hose has the same high quality as a USA Gray or Black hose.

The 4" pump capacity is 898 gpm with a maximum head of 46ft.

The 4" pump requires oil flow of 8-10 gpm.  Maximum pressure of 2500 psi.

1/2" id Flush-Face Fittings

1 year warranty

4" weight - 59 lbs without hose

This tool does not come with a powerpack or hydraulic hoses.  They can be found here: Hycon Powerpacks Hycon Hydraulic Hoses - Hydraulic Oil Flow Divider

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