Oil Flow Divider - Hycon HFD

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The Hycon HFD Oil Flow Divider is used to protect your hydraulic tool against overload when it is connected to excavators, backhoes, tractor, trucks etc. Overload is the greatest risk of damage to hydraulic tools.

This Flow Divider will accept up to 3500 psi maximum input pressure and up to 21 gpm maximum input flow. It will reduce the pressure to 2300 psi maximum and flow to 5, 8 or 10 gpm (Input - do not exceed 21 gpm, Output set at 5, 8 or 10 gpm depending on the orifice used - all 3 provided).

Hycon HFD Oil Flow Divider has 3 built-in functions:

  • The regulation valve regulates the flow to the tool
  • The pressure relief valve ensures max. working pressure in the tool
  • The check valve ensures that the tool does not work the wrong way around (reverse)

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