Hycon HRS400 Hydraulic 16" Ring Saw

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The HRS400 offers you the most overall efficient and productive 11 3/4" deep cutting in the industry. All parts run in oil - no down time and service is next to nothing. The Hycon Hydraulic Ring Saw has a unique design and state of the art 3 groove drive mechanism that will give you many hours of use. Premium parts ensure low operating costs.

Includes FREE Regular Ground Shipping, Guard, Water Attachment for wet sawing and Hose Whips w/flush face fittings!

Cut any concrete, bricks, stone, etc.  Use for cutting door openings, windows, pipes and more. The closed loop system means it can be used underwater. Guide rollers last 3 time longer than competitors saws. The HRS400 offers top safety with the built-in ASCO System (Automatic Safety Cut Off). The tool automatically cuts off if the blade jams - much safer for the operator. 


  • Diamond Blade Size - 16 inch diameter, 3 grooves
  • Oil flow, gpm - 8-10
  • Max. Pressure, psi - 2300
  • Power - up to 18 hp
  • Weight - 24 lbs 
  • Warranty - One-year limited

This saw does not come with a blade. Need a blade? Blades for this saw can be found under Saw Blades>Ringsaw/Chains

This tool does not come with a powerpack or hydraulic hoses.  They can be found here: Hycon Powerpacks - Hycon Hydraulic Hoses - Hydraulic Oil Flow Divider

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