Hycon Premium Hydraulic Cut-off Saw

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The Hycon Premium Hydraulic Cut-off Saw can be used for horizontal and vertical cutting. They cut all types of concrete, steel, brick wall, asphalt etc. The HYCON Cut-off saw is a very sturdy tool intended for cutting even under the most extreme conditions. It is completely unaffected by water and dust, and all parts run in oil. The HYCON PREMIUM-saws are built for hard use day after day - without breakdowns. The fact that the saw is always working and does not require service means higher profits than other saws. The cut-off saw offers top safety with the built-in ASCO System (Automatic Safety Cut Off). The tool automatically cuts off if the disc jams - no injury to the operator.


  • Low weight - starting at 16 lbs
  • 30% more power - Zero maintenance
  • Ideal for pre-cutting
  • Superior built quality - perfectly balanced
  • Full torque for lifetime of saw
  • Stronger shaft and bearings
  • Slim design gets close to corners
  • Faster blade rotation stop
  • Works under water
  • No airfilter - No belt
  • 1/2" id Flush Face Fittings

14" Blade - 5 3/8" cutting depth, 16" Blade - 6 3/8" cutting depth, 20" Blade - 8 3/4" cutting depth 

Oil Flow Requirements: 14" - 5-8 gpm, 16" - 5-10 gpm, 20" - 8-10 gpm.

All saws have a maximum pressure of 2500 psi.

Includes FREE Shipping.

This saw does not come with a blade. Need a blade? Take a look at the Diteq C/S-32 Brute Diamond Blade.

This tool does not come with a powerpack or hydraulic hoses.  They can be found here: Hycon Powerpacks - Hycon Hydraulic Hoses - Hydraulic Oil Flow Divider

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