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Hycon Premium Hydraulic Cut-off Saw


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Product Overview

The Hycon Premium Hydraulic Cut-off Saw can be used for horizontal and vertical cutting. They cut all types of concrete, steel, brick wall, asphalt etc. The HYCON Cut-off saw is a very sturdy tool intended for cutting even under the most extreme conditions. It is completely unaffected by water and dust, and all parts run in oil. The HYCON PREMIUM-saws are built for hard use day after day - without breakdowns. The fact that the saw is always working and does not require service means higher profits than other saws. The cut-off saw offers top safety with the built-in ASCO System (Automatic Safety Cut Off). The tool automatically cuts off if the disc jams - no injury to the operator.


  • Low weight - starting at 16 lbs
  • 30% more power - Zero maintenance
  • Ideal for pre-cutting
  • Superior built quality - perfectly balanced
  • Full torque for lifetime of saw
  • Stronger shaft and bearings
  • Slim design gets close to corners
  • Faster blade rotation stop
  • Works under water
  • No airfilter - No belt
  • 1/2" id Flush Face Fittings

14" Blade - 5 3/8" cutting depth, 16" Blade - 6 3/8" cutting depth, 20" Blade - 8 3/4" cutting depth 

Oil Flow Requirements: 14" - 5-8 gpm, 16" - 5-10 gpm, 20" - 8-10 gpm.

All saws have a maximum pressure of 2500 psi.

Includes FREE Shipping.

This saw does not come with a blade. Need a blade? Take a look at the Diteq C/S-32 Brute Diamond Blade.

This tool does not come with a powerpack or hydraulic hoses. The Hycon Cut Off Saw can be connected to any HYCON power pack with matching oil flow requirements or other hydraulic power sources via the Hycon Oil Flow Divider. They can be found here: Hycon Powerpacks - Hycon Hydraulic Hoses - Hydraulic Oil Flow Divider


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