Hycon Wall Saw Rail System Kit

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The Hycon Wall Saw Rail System is a unique process developed to enable contractors to do mounted wall sawing like a professional without large heavy wall saws.  At a cost of one tenth of other wall sawing systems, the Hycon Wall Saw Rail System is both effective and efficient. The versatile rail system is compatible with the Hycon Premium 16” Cut Off Saw or the Hycon HRS400 Ring Saw.  The kit includes 2 Rail Extensions for 78.7" of cutting, and the system can be extended as long as you wish.  Each additional Rail Extension Kit provides 39.3" of travel.

The Hycon Wall Saw Rail System Kit includes:

  • Carriage & Crank
  • 2 Rail Extensions (39.3" of travel each)
  • Mounting Brackets for Rail
  • Wired Trigger Extension

Available options:

  • Mounting Bracket for HRS400 Ring Saw
  • Mounting Bracket for Premium 16" Cut Off Saw
  • Rail Extension Kit (39.3" Rail, Wall Mount, & Bracket)

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