C-52 Segmented/Double Pointed PRO V Diamond Core Bits by Diteq

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The double-pointed segments of this diamond core bit provide quick drilling speeds in concrete. The double-pointed tips penetrate quickly, and hold a straight drilling path to reduce side drag. Reduced vibration improves drilling efficiency and bit life. The double-pointed segments increase water flow to reduce heat and remove slurry more efficiently.

These bits are specially formulated for hard aggregate and heavy steel.

Use wet only. Sizes 1" to 30".  Bits 3/8" to 1 3/4" are crowned (no double-pointed segments).  Bits 1 7/8" and larger are segmented.

Core Travel: 14" for bits up to 14" in diameter, 20" for 16" and 18" diameter bits, and 24" for 20" in diameter and larger bits. 

C52's 1 1/2" and smaller are threaded for a 5/8"-11 spindle.  C52's 1 5/8" and larger are threaded for a 1 1/4" - 7 adapter.

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